Grade 12 University English – A Requirement for entry into Universities? Or Unnecessary?


University of Western Ontario

In the near-future, I hope to attend the University of Western Ontario to continue my education and study either Nursing/Medical Science. Unfortunately for me, not only do both Nursing/Medical Science programs require me to take an English course, but a lot of programs at any university requires me to. That’s why I think taking Grade 12 University English should be a requirement for entry into all university programs. Not only will this help me and others that want to go to university academically, but also help our language and communication skills overall. English is needed for anything we do in life, no matter what a persons career may be.

My dream career is to become either a doctor or a nurse. Both of these jobs require an extensive amount of communication not only with their co-workers/teammates, but also


A doctor communicating with his patient

with their patient. I personally love to help in general, and is why I think the jobs suite me pretty well. Regardless, I need to get better at my communication, listening, and speaking skills and the best way for me to improve these skills, is taking grade 12 University English. Not only will it prepare me for the intensity of University, but also help me with my career overall.

An important choice that I and other grade 12 students have to make, is whether we should take English at the university level or not. The information that we learn through grade 12 University English course is important, and even though my mark may lower/dip (as a result of the increase of difficulty), it is beyond worth it. Grade 12 University English helps tremendously as it basically carves a path straight into the English that the University offers, as they also primarily focus on literature and writing.

It doesn’t matter if I want to become a salesperson – someone who applies the skills of the English language efficiently and regularly, or if I want to become a garbage man – someone who probably does not talk to a lot of people on the job. The fact is that English is being used somehow someway.

The first book that I read and enjoyed greatly in grade 11 University English, was Frankenstein by 


The art cover of the novel Frankenstein by Mary Shelley

Mary Shelley. Usually books that are read in English class are boring and dull. This book, however, proved me wrong as it was surprisingly one of my favourite books ever. It improved my reading skills in general because the book was written in a high-intellectual type language and lots of literary content. This is the type of book that should be read in future English classes, like Grade 12 University English. Books that not only grab the reader’s attention, but also have them learn simultaneously. I feel like books like these, teach some important principles and fundamentals of reading to the readers. After finishing this book, I felt like I couldn’t wait to read the books that will be offered in Grade 12 University English.

In University, good language skills are needed as every other course you take, requires them. English is a pretty vague subject itself, and that’s why it is the most important subject for students. All other courses need English in order for them to “work”. Some of the courses include: Chemistry, Calculus, Physics, etc. Grade 12 University English needs to be a requirement for entry at universities because these subjects only get harder and harder.

All in all, grade 12 University English should be a requirement for entry into all university programs for the reasons stated above. I believe that if someone can pass grade 12 University English, then they will be well on their way, not only in University, but in life in general.


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